Some tips for new customers on Aliexpress

1.Don’t buy just anywhere on Aliexpress
If you know what you want to buy, search it and sort the result by orders. This way the items that have been ordered the most are on top and you will most likely have no problems with the seller. Always read feedback and look for any hints of a bad product or cheating seller. Also check photos uploaded by customers. Often times they speak a better language than the item description.

2. Don’t buy if you are in a rush
Most things you buy in China take at least 10 days to arrive at your house. That’s the best case. Normally packages need 2 to 8 weeks. It is very rare that something won’t arrive. For me only around 10 out of nearly 600 orders didn’t arrive. If your tracking number is not trackable via Aliexpress you can try third party tracking sites. I made good experiences with

3. Don’t expect anything to be genuine
99.9% of claimed “original” items aren’t. Nike shoes for 20 Bucks? Casio G-Shock for 10 Bucks? Original Samsung fast charger for 2 Bucks? Come on. Don’t be a fool.

4. Don’t be weak with Aliexpress
If something goes wrong and you need to open a dispute, don’t agree to close it if the seller asks for it. If you close a dispute, it can not be opened again. Don’t let the seller talk you into a solution you don’t want. Let AE customer service step in when needed. Always provide photos of the faulty item including the packaging.

Other tips:

  • Im a platinum level, over 5 years of orders, and i NEVER sort by best rating or most ordered. I use ali to find things i kinda need for really cheap, so i sort by the price to get best deal. And i have the same, 96% arrival success rate, and around 92% of beeing happy with the order.
  • Have to agree but the delivery times just really depends where you live and how fast customs work for me it takes 1-3 days for an item to leave china and this was always the case don’t know why then it takes 3 days atleast to arrive in germany and another 1-2 days till it arrives at my house. I also stay in contact a lot with aliexpress support due to how their site uses the vip system to process stuff faster example: new customers wait longer for payments to be processed or even get refunded compared to vip users so i just go and contact their support talk to them they tell me they will put my request in high priority and then mostly the next day it is processed/refunded.
  • Don’t forget: Comply with the requests of AliExpress mediation people. If they want a video to prove something is faulty, and you don’t think that it makes sense to record video and don’t send video, you don’t get a refund.
  • Here’s how I usually shop (via Computer). I search for the item I am looking for. I sort it by number of orders. I open the top 3-4 links on a new window. I go to each and every opened window and check the store’s feedback. I compare them based on price, number of orders, number of reviews, available coupons/promos, shipping method, etc. Once decided on a store, I follow the store since sometimes they offer a ‘fan’ discount. Then add to cart. Then I purchase them via the mobile app since they will most likely be a bit cheaper.